Where It All Started

A little creativity can go a long way…


This page was originally started in 2015 and to be honest, never even got off the ground. When I sat down with this idea in mind, I was very busy with work and a house renovation. The ultimate goal was to be able to step out of the daily hustle and bustle of work to share some projects and ideas to inspire the imagination of others.

Living in a small town put the nearest larger city about an hour away. It was honestly easier to build projects and make decorations rather than navigating busy summer traffic to make a purchase. This little town in South Dakota, of less than 2500 people, where we laid our heads to rest each night was wonderful. This same town, after Labor Day of each year, turned into somewhat of a ghost town. For some, they would never have been able to live there. For me, I would not have traded my 1930s house, 2 dogs or loving boyfriend for anything.

That is what I thought anyway…

Two years later, my now fiancée, 2 dogs and I packed up our beloved antique house and headed west for a chance at living the country life. We were able to move back to the state where we were raised and to the place we longed to once again call home. Wyoming…it always had our hearts. The move took us to a beautiful piece of land outside of an even smaller town of less than 1500 people. We are starting to build the life we both of have talked about for years.


Although we are still busier than ever making this land our home, I now feel that I am ready to begin sharing. My name is Lacey, and here you will find ideas, projects and activities that make small town living worthwhile.