Where to Go Next

We are now back home at the ranch after 18 wonderful days of travel. Australia showed us a great time! We snapped nearly a thousand photos to capture our memories...I can get a little carried away trying to get the perfect picture! As all of these cannot be shared, there were a few things that... Continue Reading →


Two of My Faves

I grew up in a pretty small town - our house was about four blocks from the public library. To keep busy during the summer months, I remember spending hours there searching the shelves and browsing through books in hopes of finding the next best one to check out. I know the old saying...'Don't judge... Continue Reading →

Landing Down Under

The new year landed us on a little vacation...for the next few weeks we will be touring around the southeastern corner of Australia! Although this is my first trip to Australia, it is my third time traveling to this part of the world. There is one thing that I really appreciate about visiting both Australia... Continue Reading →

A Night Out

A dreamy date, delicious dinner and decadent dessert. What more could a girl ask for? Well, now that we are home from vacation and back to reality, just this.  Our night out in DC was probably my favorite memory of the trip. We had an evening free of cell phones and all other distractions to... Continue Reading →

Sunset Stroll

Yesterday afternoon we set out to see the sights of DC. On the way to the National Mall, we enjoyed wandering through the Museum of Natural History. Once it was time to see the monuments...the official tourist came out in me, complete with camera in tow and a ridiculous number of photographs.  The Washington Monument... Continue Reading →

Morning Fix

A little vacation was in store after now three months of living "the camper life". We took a few days to visit our nation's capital, Washington, DC. I grew up in a small town in Wyoming, and other than four years in Phoenix, have always lived in small towns. There is a draw to vacation... Continue Reading →


I know, the real phrase is TGIF. After a long week of work, it is a common thought for most. There is one week out of each month though where my thoughts change just slightly to TGIS - "Thank goodness it's Saturday!" Our house is not ready to furnish yet. As a matter of fact,... Continue Reading →

Falling for the Colors

Each season has its perks...for Fall,  they are the beautiful colors and cooler weather. Well, another could also be all of those delicious pumpkin-flavored goodies making their arrival as well! The bold colors of red, yellow and orange only peak for a short time but sure do make the countryside stand out! At the first... Continue Reading →

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