New Beginnings

Although the holidays are now over, the memories still linger as the last of the decorations are coming down. This time of year is full of traditions and happy memories from holidays past. Now that we live close enough to family to come back home to our own house, we can start making some traditions... Continue Reading →


A Cold Winter’s Night

I have been sidetracked for the past few weeks, and making a post has sort of taken a back seat. Thanksgiving has now passed with wonderful time spent with family, and December has arrived. Along with December, winter has come as well! Time around "the ranch" has been spent getting final construction supplies to keep... Continue Reading →

Lemon and Herb Salmon

2 salmon fillets with skin 1 lemon, sliced 4 fresh thyme sprigs  2 fresh rosemary sprigs 2 cloves of garlic, minced canola oil Preheat canola oil (amount that you desire) in a pan over medium heat. Begin flavoring the oil by adding lemon slices, minced garlic and herb sprigs until aromatic.  Add salmon, flesh side... Continue Reading →

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