Duck Tales

The ducklings are moving quickly through being adorable, waddling balls of fluff to their awkward teenage years. The girls are just over two weeks old and growing by what seems like the minute.

All 15 used to fit nicely around this one-quart water jug…it soon had to grow right along with them!

Ducks grow fast! These girls drink down (and play in) about three gallons of water daily at this point. One feature of their duckling house which has helped is this pseudo “water porch”. The credit for this idea, with a few modifications, goes to YouTube duck keepers.

This porch is made from pressure-treated 2x4s assembled with deck screws to hold up to moisture. It is covered with hardware cloth. When in need of emptying, the plastic paint tray slides out and makes clean up very easy.

As the ducks are beginning to grow a few feathers, they had their first swim this past weekend!

My niece and nephew were great duckling wranglers! The little girls continue to love daily greens added to their water and are becoming quite fond of pressed oats. Chick-sized grit is always available to them, but they are just as happy with a few chunks of dirt as well!

All 30 webbed feet and 15 sets of tail feathers are growing well…the duck tales continue!


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