Drab to Dreamy

Over the past several months I have been collecting random items and saving many pictures to my ‘Wedding’ board on Pinterest. Search bars usually read something along the lines of ‘small outdoor country wedding’. Well, many thanks to our families for pulling off the now called rustic indoor wedding!

My first shout-out goes to my sister, a.k.a. the self-appointed wedding planner! She was full of ideas and plans. Who knew that both her and my mother could be florists and string so much tulle!

Both of my grandmothers knew their way around silk flowers and beautiful bouquets (this trait does not seem to be genetic). I am certain they were watching down, each with a gin and tonic in hand, having a good laugh as the three of us tried to make it look like we knew what we were doing! I have to leave the credit to my mother and sister though for the gorgeous arbor arrangements that came from the cart full of flowers. To be honest, they receive all of the credit for every decoration!

A little tip on tulle…full bolts can be purchased very low cost on Amazon in a pinch! Also, credit to Heith for those amazing string lights he came across!

As we only had two weeks to narrow down a cake, we opted for something easy and very reasonably priced from Sam’s Club. The cake was moist, delicious and served our 30 guests for only $70. My oldest sister flew in last minute and hit a home run turning the cake from three plain layers into this, with leftover silk flowers.

If you were to ask Heith what is one thing that I have purchased way too many of, he would tell you…chairs! I have what one might call a small addiction to old chairs at auctions. Come to find out though, I do not have 30 sitting around…so, count that as a win for me! Since we would have been a few short, he arranged some great ones from a local rental company. I would highly recommend this as an option as it was easy and really did add some character to the place. We were able to rent the arbor, chairs and farm-style tables for the big day.

Another great, last-minute find was Kari Anders of Kari Anders Photography. Luckily we clearly were not getting married during the peak of wedding season, and she was free to spend a Saturday with us. I thank her for great ideas, even though the zero degree wind chills did not allow us to get all of the outdoor shots we hoped for. She gave it her all, complete with frozen fingers and captured some great moments!

One request that I had for my wedding was for my bouquet to be made by Jenny’s Floral in Custer, SD. Jenny and her staff perform wonderful work, and they did not disappoint! I had a simple request…Sunflowers and Dianthus (or as Jenny knows my request, “The ones that look like moss!”)

My new sister-in-law and her husband got off of the airplane to turn around and help us paint our living room so that it was more than mud and drywall.

They also lit up the place with LED cafe lights. These two get the credit for coming up with inside-out burlap sacks to cleverly disguise the wonderful green five-gallon buckets acting as weights to hold up the light poles.

After all of this hard work, there was a group of my new in-laws spending the same day in the kitchen making a homemade ‘rehearsal dinner’. The food was delightful and the company even better!

On the morning of the big day, all credit goes to Whitney Liggett who owns Valley Wash House Salon. My sister and I have relied on her for years and never once been disappointed with the outcome!

My final praise goes to my husband for helping me keep myself together. A lot went on in those two weeks. He kept my boiling like a tea kettle down to a minimum. He is an amazing man, and we have an amazing family!

No one said it better than my niece…

“Happy wedding!”


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