A Dream Come True

Last May when the love of my life dropped to one knee to ask my hand in marriage, we knew one thing was certain…we were going to say our wedding vows on the beautiful piece of land we own. Well many suns have set, many 2x4s have been nailed together and many back-breaking hours have passed since that time.

We kept telling everyone that the wedding would come when our house was complete, when the valley was sprouting green grass and when we would finally have room for guests to stay with us. The plan was for a mid-June wedding. Well, as the two of us do all things, we put a rush on this plan. Instead of wondering if an afternoon thunderstorm would come, our guests drove through a small blizzard and white-out conditions to spend our special day with us!

I have never dreamed of a big wedding, but in those years of dreaming I always knew a few things would happen – my father would walk me down the aisle and my grandparents would get to see their youngest grandchild be married. Although my grandmothers have both left this world for Heaven, I know they had a hand in this day.

About a month ago, test results put a countdown on how much time I had left for my grandfather to see me in my white dress. So, we made some phone calls, rented a few items and put together what would soon be a wedding better than I could ever have imagined!

We set the date for two weeks away and hoped he would still be well and family could get flights. Two nights before the ceremony we put the first coat of paint on our new walls. This is what every bride does before her wedding, right?

In about 24 hours, we turned a house full of mud, drywall and rosin paper into a rustic dream venue!

It was a small, intimate event but could not have been better even if we would have taken a year to plan it. My sister and mother were sure to make the day go down according to tradition complete with a few somethings old, new, borrowed and blue!

Our wedding day was not only a dream come true, it was better!


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