Where to Go Next

We are now back home at the ranch after 18 wonderful days of travel. Australia showed us a great time! We snapped nearly a thousand photos to capture our memories…I can get a little carried away trying to get the perfect picture! As all of these cannot be shared, there were a few things that really stuck out as memorable moments on our trip.

From the meat pies – which were enjoyed on numerous occasions – to the smashed avocado and poached eggs on toast, Australia does food (and coffee) really well.

While on the coast, the seafood was fresh and delectable! The big cities offered a smorgasbord of cuisines from Italian to Vietnamese. But I promise…we did more than fill our bellies!

Gorgeous scenery was all around. The landscape showed us skyscrapers, rainforest, arid desert and beautiful coastline.

While on the Great Ocean Road, one stop will not soon be forgotten…the Twelve Apostles. Our sunset stop provided the perfect backdrop. The crowds were slim this time of day, and the view was spectacular.

Another stop to make the list was in Canberra. We spent a morning visiting the Australian War Memorial.

I usually am not much for museums, but the morning here was not nearly enough time. It was an extremely well done museum. Seeing history from another side can be eye opening.

A stay in a beachside apartment in Adelaide was pretty grand. Dinner with friends and a morning dip in the salt water begged us to stay longer.

A quick venture to the edge of the Outback was a wonderful experience. The extreme heat of 114 degrees apparently could not deter us from the town of Quorn to visit an old friend and see a little history.

A drive back through wine country to taste the local fruits and a day experiencing The Ashes at Sydney Cricket Ground rounded out our trip.

With all of the great stops but not nearly enough time to see everything, it begs the question…

Where to go next?


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