Resolution Humor

Each January brings about more gym specials on commercials and diet plan books than anyone thought possible. All of us usually take this time of year for a little self-reflection and maybe some goal setting.

I will tell you that after hibernating in my warm sweaters in negative Wyoming weather, I was nervous to face the beach in my swimsuit. Come to find out, it was not those extra holiday snacks that I needed to worry about…it was my ridiculously pale skin that was a sight to be seen. I chuckle to myself as I think, “Always a silver lining”. There was no one worried about how my bikini fit – they needed to look away from the white glare coming at their eyes!

Before I had to slather myself in sunscreen once again, we went out for a jog yesterday morning. Yes, in a country with delicious food and pastries in each cafe, this is a necessity. I passed by a sign that brought a smile to my face.

Going to the beach, putting on that little black dress or going shopping for new clothes should be fun occasions. Making the fun is all about your outlook – remember the two easy steps to having a beach body. Enjoy the moments you get to have, and have yourself a bit of a laugh. Happy New Year!


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