It’s Beginning to Feel a lot like Christmas

Now that Christmas is less than 72 hours away and the work week is over, the feeling of the holiday spirit is filling the air. Snowflakes have slowly been falling most of the day. The thermometer is nearing the single digits causing everyone to bundle up. With much needed snow in the forecast and time planned with family approaching, it is finally beginning to feel like Christmas!

Our little mini tree now has a few gifts under it. Cards from relatives and friends keep arriving in the mail – these always bring a smile as we get to watch families grow over the years. Although I was not able to complete my usual holiday baking this year – as my new oven remains enveloped in its cardboard box – many coworkers and friends supplied enough sugar to get us through!

Shopping was not a highlight for my family this year. As usual, I did take part in Black Friday to get my annual new housewares for crazy good deals! When it came to gift giving, our shopping days were spent helping families in need. I remember how happy this made me as a kid when our mom would take us to pick out a tag and buy the items on the “wish list”. This year those feelings returned as we were able to focus all of our shopping on those who needed it most.

As for our family Christmas, we are trying out what will hopefully turn into a new tradition. Although my family is not big, we each drew names this year to only buy gifts for one person. Work and house building have kept us busy, and schedules are not allowing the whole family to be together. This Christmas we are taking a step back from the hustle. The plan is to watch movies, play games, eat good food and enjoy some family time together!


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