A Trip Down Memory Lane

A quick trip up to Montana this weekend led to two things…an impromptu dinner date and my loving other half getting to show me around his old “stomping ground”.

This summer, for a great birthday weekend, we went hiking in the Big Horn Mountains. For those of you who haven’t been, they are a thing of beauty!

After a full day of hiking, a steak dinner was calling our names. We tried a little place in Buffalo, Wyoming called Winchester Steakhouse. It is a cozy place with great steak and seafood options (I would highly recommend adding a side of fried shrimp to a steak)! While passing through the other night, we remembered how much we enjoyed our first visit and had ourselves an impromptu date night. It was nice being able to put aside life’s little stresses to enjoy a meal together.

While in Billlings, we toured around to see where he went to college, his old house he renovated and places he used to frequent.

Sharing this time together was something special, as he had such a smile on his face remembering past events. Each day I get to learn more about the man that I will soon share a name with!


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