Out with the Old, in with the New

When it comes to fashion, I am not your go-to girl. I do not get very dressed up for work (or really any other occasion), and my favorite jeans are so worn that they might be better suited for the trash. I have about a $20 limit on most day-to-day purchases. In order to talk myself into spending more than this, it must serve a purpose other than taking up a hanger or a place in the closet.

I came across a bag from Thirty-One that is very functional. I have been carrying around work items in my “Cindy Tote” for about 5 years now. My current black and white bag is wearing thin after being towed around catching on doorways and being thrown into my car. It has made trips to various jobs and also been halfway around the world. I have to say that even with holes and some missing stitching, this bag has really held up!

After almost losing my keys out of the side pocket due to a tear, it was time to consider purchasing a more professional-looking bag. I appreciate that Thirty-One is continually updating their styles and products. The new color choices available this season made the decision an easy one.

My new tote arrived to my house last week, and I love the color! Although I have yet to make the full conversion of my items over to my Indigo Ink Cindy Tote, I know I will enjoy it as much as my last. The straps are comfortable no matter how much I overfill this bag, and it truly is functional for pens and other small items with its interior pockets. Take a look at Thirty-One – you may find yourself a new, pretty and practical something!



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