Hobbies, or Necessities?

We keep hearing similar phrases to the note of “If you can make it through building a house, you can make it through anything.” In the beginning, I laughed these comments off and smiled. We are both hard workers and always up for what we call “crazy adventures” together.

Now that we are three months out from breaking ground, I am starting to see what everyone is talking about. The stress of an unfinished house snuck up on me last week. I miss things like my kitchen and being able to cook nice dinners (dirtying 10 pans in the process).

In thinking back to what was different before the move, I realized that we are missing out on our hobbies. We enjoy each other’s company, but living in 160 square feet and working on a house as soon as our real jobs are done for the day can start to weigh on a person. We are missing out on activities that make us happy and things that can reboot our minds after a long day.

This weekend he left for some much needed hunting. I, on the other hand, sorted through storage for two specially labeled boxes – Sewing Things.

As much as I love being outdoors with him and spotting animals, I do not make the best hunting partner. I get way too excited and cannot keep quiet when I see an animal. So while he takes a week to enjoy hiking and horseback riding through the woods, I am getting caught up on some projects.

For me, there is just something relaxing about passing the time making a quilt. I know for some, it seems like a tedious task to cut full pieces of fabric into small squares to sew them back together again. I, on the other hand, enjoy the anticipation of seeing the final product.

I know I will miss him like crazy this week while he is away. I also know that we both needed to take a break and spend time doing a hobby we enjoy. Taking this time for ourselves will make the time we spend together that much better.


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