Out with the Old, in with the New

When it comes to fashion, I am not your go-to girl. I do not get very dressed up for work (or really any other occasion), and my favorite jeans are so worn that they might be better suited for the trash. I have about a $20 limit on most day-to-day purchases. In order to talk... Continue Reading →


Hobbies, or Necessities?

We keep hearing similar phrases to the note of "If you can make it through building a house, you can make it through anything." In the beginning, I laughed these comments off and smiled. We are both hard workers and always up for what we call "crazy adventures" together. Now that we are three months... Continue Reading →

A Night Out

A dreamy date, delicious dinner and decadent dessert. What more could a girl ask for? Well, now that we are home from vacation and back to reality, just this.  Our night out in DC was probably my favorite memory of the trip. We had an evening free of cell phones and all other distractions to... Continue Reading →

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