Sunset Stroll

Yesterday afternoon we set out to see the sights of DC. On the way to the National Mall, we enjoyed wandering through the Museum of Natural History. Once it was time to see the monuments…the official tourist came out in me, complete with camera in tow and a ridiculous number of photographs. 

The Washington Monument was beautiful, as I thought it would be. The late afternoon sun was a gateway for the great scene and pictures. It was a bit windy, but this added to the beauty seeing the flags waving. 

As we continued on through the National World War II Memorial, the sky was preparing an even prettier canvas. 

The Lincoln Memorial was wonderful to see – and I got my wish, to see it lit up at night! The most magnificent sight of the night was still to come. 

Our monument stroll was made complete as we turned around on the steps and watched the changing light of the setting sun make a gorgeous scene down the National Mall. The view from those steps was well worth my very sore feet and growling stomach. 

The monuments and memorials hold so much history and are sights to been seen. If you can time things right, a sunset stroll is worth another look at these wonders. 


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