Morning Fix

A little vacation was in store after now three months of living “the camper life”. We took a few days to visit our nation’s capital, Washington, DC. I grew up in a small town in Wyoming, and other than four years in Phoenix, have always lived in small towns. There is a draw to vacation in the big cities from time to time. 

Living in a town with no stop lights, it does always take me about 24 hours to get accustomed to the influx of people and all of the activity. This morning I was ready to start seeing the city, so we went for a stroll around before his conference started. Even in the rain, DC is beautiful!

For some reason, this view down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol Building caught my attention. On our way back, a little shop reminded me of why I love to travel. I enjoy good food! 

When traveling, I do like to try a good Mocha and a homemade pastry for breakfast. I am not a huge coffee buff – I do not venture outside of this glorified hot chocolate of espresso, milk and cocoa. My draw to a shop is usually what comes in the display case, and Bakers and Baristas fit the bill!

We were both able to order something enjoyable, as he does not give into my coffee habit. With a cinnamon roll, large mocha, ham and cheese breakfast sandwich and an iced tea in hand, we both were satisfied!

The great thing about the city is that tomorrow morning there will something just as great around another corner! Stay tuned about more good eats and the beautiful heritage of our nation!


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