Falling for the Colors

Each season has its perks…for Fall,  they are the beautiful colors and cooler weather. Well, another could also be all of those delicious pumpkin-flavored goodies making their arrival as well! The bold colors of red, yellow and orange only peak for a short time but sure do make the countryside stand out!


At the first of the month, my family and I took part in the now bi-annual Crazy Horse Volksmarch. This year marked the fifth year of the Fall Volksmarch. My sister and I usually make the hike each June, but we were up for something new.

The weather left a lot to be desired with cloudy skies and wind. The colors, on the other hand, were just ready to reach their fullest, brightest hues. Even without sunny skies, the 6.2 mile hike was well worth it!

Over the years I have taken many drives past Crazy Horse Memorial. Hiking up to the arm of the carving to see the mountain and the view…worth it every time!

If you have the opportunity and are near Custer, South Dakota in June or October, this is a hike that you should work into your itinerary. There is no pre-registration required. Just remember a good pair of shoes, $3 hike fee and 3 cans of food for donation!


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