Meeting the Neighborhood

This summer passed by in a blur. Between phasing out of one job into a very new role, packing memories from our first home together and prepping our new piece of paradise for a house, there was not a lot of spare time.

Our decision to move back ‘home’ was something that we spent many nights discussing. Although, when it came time to load our trucks and leave town, reality hit. No matter how prepared you are, change is hard! We had to say goodbye to some very close friends and coworkers. There has been days of long hours and hard work where the doubt of possibly not making the right decision has crept into our thoughts.

It takes believing in ourselves to turn these doubts into dreams once again. We are building the life we have dreamt about. Our blood, sweat and tears (literally) are part of the building blocks to our future.

As we come along further with the build, I hope to share some of the projects we have accomplished. As said before, change is hard. Luckily, we have not been alone on this journey! Family has been by our side for the wild ride, and a few neighbors have shown up at just the right time.

Our first helping of good ol’ Wyoming hospitality came from a nearby neighbor spending an overly warm Sunday helping us move dirt and prep our land for cement. We were more than grateful for this assistance. Luckily, his two sweet children hung around for some much needed comic relief as well. 

Just a few weeks back, we were able to meet another neighbor from about 5 miles down the road. She brought us a basket of garden goodies – very thoughtful as we had to give up our home-grown veggies when we moved. Not only was the gift beautiful but just in time for some cooler weather and a pot of stew (recipe to come…). 

We left our old, comfortable neighborhood and weekly home baked goodies hanging on our front door for a new adventure. Our neighbors now live miles away, not just a few doors down. I know in my heart that we made the right decision and neighbors will still come – no matter how far – to lend a helping hand. Change is worth it!



  1. You two are top notch go getters. Take a turn and look forward when the doubt creeps in. We miss you here. But proud to know you and all the amazing things you are accomplishing.

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